Jo sunk back in her chair as her NiMi implant booted up. A familiar chill flushed through her neural circuits starting the memory recall process. Allowing her thoughts to drift, she absently stared into the shadows of her room, but for some reason, Noah was all she could think about. She focused on a cherished memory when they were together, and in response, bright data pixels began filling her vision—transforming the dim, cluttered room into a vast meadow. They emulated a gentle breeze swaying the tall grasses back and forth. Noah lay beside her, watching the clouds float above with casual observance. The silence that often drifted between them had become a comfortable part of their brief relationship. After their minds were accidentally intertwined, they shared a deeply felt bond no words could describe, but she wished she could speak to him now—there was so much anger she had to vent. It’s just a memory, she reminded herself...(follow the story on my Tumblr or website)

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