Electric Beach

NiMi_chapter 1 part 3_Noah’s vision blanked as the wireless update took effect, transmitting electrical streams of data straight into his Cerebral Enhancement. For a brief moment, reality seemed to vanish under the scorching sun’s rays on the California beach. “How is it?” he asked, shifting uncomfortably in the hot sand. “It’s very… yellow,” Nell remarked. She got up and walked towards the shoreline, giggling to herself while testing the application’s new features. “Come on!” she called, scanning the ocean and wading out. When the update was complete, Noah looked around in wonder at a world that now shifted between data and sand. A slight grin pulled on his sun-kissed face while his implant began scanning his surroundings. With sudden curiosity, he selected the ocean—its dark, blue body pulsated with new possibilities. As he expanded it, data particles of greens and blues surrounded him, all sparkling in the sunlight above. (follow the story on my Tumblr or website)

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